Diosmetin Spec

What is Diosmetin?

Scientifically known as 5,7,3′ -trihydroxy-4′ -methoxyflavone, Diosmetin is an O-methylated flavone recognized for its tumor-suppressing capabilities. The compound is typically derived from Caucasian vetch, a flowering plant of the Legume family, through innovative methods of isolation. For thousands of years, early civilizations have used the plant for medical and ornamentation purposes. It was only in the recent years, however, when advanced technical studies were conducted to uncover the elements and special compounds found in vetch. Today, with the discovery of Diosmetin as among the primary constituents of the scientists are conducting studies to fully explain the effects of the compound in the human body.

Is Diosmetin beneficial?

The main question sought to be answered in several write-ups involving it is the whether the compound is beneficial to humans or not. In most published reliable studies, conclusions were made declaring that the compound can be useful to individual users in several ways. Some of the suggested health effects of Diosmetin are the following:

1. It specifically targets cancer cell growth

Once absorbed in the bloodstream, it is observed to target abnormally fast-growing cells such as cancer cells and prevent their growth through anti-proliferation process. Some studies also say that the inclusion of the compound with other flavones like Luteolin can enhance cancer-control efficiency through synergistic effects. Diosmetin affects only cancer cells, which means that it does not cause alopecia and weakening of the gastric mucosa, like other chemotherapeutic drugs do.

2. It may help control aging

As an antioxidant, it is also believed to help control the effects of aging by suppressing rapid cell destruction. The compound helps detoxify several tissues and body organs which leads to healthier cell growth and longer lifespan.

3. It may protect against retinal injury

One of the primary components in alternative Chinese medicine used in protecting the eyes from injuries is the flavone Diosmetin. In one study conducted on rats, experts found that it may help protect the eyes from retinal injury by attenuating oxidative stress in the area. This claim, however, requires human subject studies for confirmation.


As a naturally-occurring flavone, it has promising effects to human health. Since it is considered completely safe, the compound is definitely on its way to becoming one of the best anti-cancer agents ever discovered.

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